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Quality Assurance Systerm

1. Account Management
Client information, requirements, cooperation history and agreed quotations are recorded in the system. It is easy to refer to previous projects to maintain consistency with a new project and thus preserve a good relationship.

2. Resource Management
The availability status of internal and external resources is recorded and updated in real time. Informtion such as translators' experience, skills, and assessment is also contained, so that the project managers can allocate the available resources reasonably.

3. Workflow management
The performance status of the entire project workflow is recorded in the system, from project kick-off, resource allocation, file distribution, and TEP (Translation, Editing and Proofreading) to QA (Quality Assurance) and project sign-off.

4. QA System
The QA specialists evaluate the project members' performance and record the correponding QA data based on the output of the project member during the workflow, such as the language quality reports, the random check report and the client feedback and so on, so that we can provide corresponding reports for performance check, and optimize our production teams and workflow, in order to provide our clients with service of high quality, high efficiency and low cost.

5. Knowledge Management
Our rich references, valuable summary of the experience and skills, and the training technical documents are integrated and saved, so that they can be shared in the company for the convenience of reaching the material.

6. Purchase Order (PO)/Invoice Management
A purchase order is generated in time and an invoice is issued.

7. Sales Management
It manages the whole sales workflow, including collecting and analyzing the client information, recording cooperation progress and marketing activities etc. It helps the sales team share the information and resources in time and provides support and help to each other through the sales platform, in order to work together to pursue the best achievement as a whole team.

8. Performance Management
The quality and quantity accomplished by each employee us recorded as one of the important evidences to assess their performance.

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