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Interpreting Process

Upon receiving the request for interpreting service from client, study and analyze the overall information about the interpreting project, such as language, subject matter, budget, time and venue of interpreting activity, and the requirements of client, sign an interpreting assignment contract after reaching agreement between the two sides and pay advance charge (30% to 50%) of the contract money. The client is required to supply all interpreting-relating materials.
Assign the interpreting project to the most suitable interpreter selected from our company¡¯s talent database, make him/her clear of the requirements on interpreting project, schedule and hand over interpreting-related materials. Upon the request from client, send them information about the selected interpreter. Still, select a back-up interpreter for emergency. On the interpreter side, do preparation on collecting project-related information and glossary, have a survey on interpretation site, making clear of the route, the distance and time he/she need to travel to the site.

2. Interpreting
While carrying out the interpreting job, our company will keep close connection with the interpreter, tracking the process and solving any problem as soon as it occurs, including replacing of the working interpreter with back-up one in case the former cannot continue his/her work owing to something wrong with him/her. The company will also keep touch with the client, exchanging information with them, drawing feedback from them during the whole interpreting procedure.

3. Post-Process
When the interpreting project was completed, ask for the comment of the client on the interpreting work as a whole and the assessment on the interpreter about his/her work, keeping all the materials concerning the project on file and passing the words from the client to the interpreter. Make a sound summary for improving future work.


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