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Translation Process

We maintain a rigorous quality control process for all translation projects from the receipt of the initial job to final delivery. The typical translation process involves several steps: pre-translation, translation, proofreading and editing, examination and delivery and after care.

1. Preparation
In this stage, our company will join together with the client to study and analyze the document to be translated in terms of language pair, subject matter involved, translation volume, turnaround time and budget, etc. Upon the agreement on quotation and schedule being reached by the two sides, a contract signed and an advance charge paid down, the translation project will come into operation stage.
At Acetrans, a qualified and experienced translator will be selected from the talent database and be assigned the translation job. And preparation on translation memories, terminology and reference material, if necessary, will be made ready.

2. Translation
The translator in charge of the translation completes his/her translation and preliminary proofreading within the deadline set for him/her, aiming to kill some omissions and errors in the translation stage, and marking the places where he/she failed to translate or was not for sure. The Translation Supervisor of the company will oversee the whole process of translation, solving the problems immediately upon its occurrence, as well as keeping hot line connection with the client, making him informed of project's status real time.

3. Proofread and edit
Another independent (native) proofreader goes thoroughly through the finished translation to make it perfect in accuracy, spelling, grammar and in consistency of terminology, as well as solving the remained problems (if there were) left by the translator, while the professional editor will do his/her work for proofreading the translated document in terms of punctuationˇ˘textˇ˘format and consistency.

4. Check and Delivery
After passing the final proofreading and editing, the Translation Supervisor makes final checking, then the completed translation will be delivered to the client according to his requirements and the residue should be cleared up.

5. After Care
In case the client asks for re-checking and re-proofreading on translated document because of the flaws existing in the translation, we will give timely and active response by re-checking and re-proofreading free of charge and then submit the newly-corrected translation back to client as early as possible. In case the client wants to make change on or add something new to the original document, we give immediately response too, but at cost of the client.
When the translation project was completely completed, the staff of our company will keep all the materials concerning the translation project on file, and supplement and update the storages of terminology, glossary, etc.

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