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We offer high-quality interpreting services in addition to our professional translation services.

Simultaneous Interpretation
This is the most demanding and stressful of the interpreting styles. Interpreters must complete hours of practice and instruction. Simultaneous interpretation usually allows for a one-sentence delay between speaker and interpreter.

Consecutive Interpretation
This method does not involve interpreting word-for-word but allows for some flexibility in the amount of information spoken prior to the interpretation. Consecutive interpreters maintain accuracy and, when necessary, take notes. Interpreters will usually allow the speaker to complete up to four sentences before interpreting the content.

Summary (or Paraphrasing)
The least accurate and least-often-used of the interpretation modes, summary interpretation allows the speaker as much content as the interpreter is comfortable with. Sometimes the speaker may have completed one or two paragraphs before translation. The amount of content is up to the interpreter and her/his ability to remember the main points, most often done in an informal setting.

Sight Interpretation
The interpreter orally interprets text written in the source language.

Whispered Interpretation
The interpreter speaks quietly, only for the benefit of the target- language participant. The interpretation may be delivered consecutively or simultaneously.

Relay Interpretation
Two interpreters are used because no interpreter is available who knows both the source and the target languages. A third language is used as the relay channel.

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