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Software Localization

Competition in the software industry is fierce with many quality products vying for the same market. Differentiation today is not about bells and whistles, but about who best meets the needs of the customer. Translation is the key to gaining a strategic advantage.

Morethan just translation, localization is the process of adapting your product to a specific locale -- to its language, standards and cultural norms as well as to the needs and expectations of a specific target market. Beside the translation of text, icons, cultural, content and technical issues must be considered, including local conventions, time/date displays, measurement systems, numbers and currency, legal conventions, character encodings & fonts.

Localization means ensuring that your software "speaks" the language of your customers. In a world of globalization, localization can make the difference between success and failure in your target markets. However, as the business environment becomes increasingly competitive, the challenge of adapting software, documentation, online help, web pages, and manuals to conform to the cultural, linguistic, and regulatory needs of each customer becomes formidable.

Users of computer software expect their software to be written in their own language. Although localization services come at a cost to software developers, it also yields concrete benefits. Besides the immediate benefit of higher worldwide sales, proper localization can also reduce expenses. Users who understand a product fully are more skilled in managing it, more efficient in using it and less likely to make costly mistakes and utilize costly support resources. These are all issues that affect the bottom line. The more skilled and efficient the users, the lower the burden on customer support and services.

Website Localization

Website translation is one of the most cost-effective methods to expand your market globally. Translating your web content ensures that your messages resonate with your potential customers. With the quality and ease that Acetrans provides, your site can effectively extend your reach to many different countries and cultures.

Following the rapid growth of the Chinese economy within the past two decades, the recognition of the need to translate websites into Chinese has become increasingly prominent. This type of investment can help your business expand into one of the world¡¯s largest and most dynamic markets and that is why we offer our services to you. With the assistance of our flexible bilingual software professionals, we guarantee that your investment with us will not only be cost-effective but also cost- competitive.

With all the linguistic, cultural, and technical aspects involved, localizing your site can be a daunting project for any business to tackle alone. That's why you need professional website translation services, which will do the job right, on time and cost effectively.
Acetrans employs translation experts around the globe to make the important process of translating your site quick and simple for you.

When translating your site, we will ensure that the translation is accurate, precise, appropriate, and clear. Highly skilled marketing content translators with experience in your given field perform all of our localization, guaranteeing that your message is not lost in translation. Because our experts translate only into their native language, you can be sure that their translation is accurate and appropriately localized for your target audience, including grammar nuances and cultural sensitivities that can make the difference between great content and embarrassing mistakes.

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